Most Innovative Marketing Technique - 2012

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Most Innovative Marketing Technique - 2012

Inmobiliaria Rimontgó was awarded Most Innovative Marketing Technique at the 17th Annual Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference, held in Scottsdale Arizona between 1st and 3rd October.

Luxury Real Estate is one of the world’s leading professional networks in the high segment of the property market, so the Fall Conference is an event that brings together hundreds of the most prestigious brokerages and real estate experts not just from the USA but literally from across the globe.

Europe was well represented and Rimontgó flew the flag for Spain, winning another in a series of highly prized awards that reflect its growing expertise in the fields of marketing, online marketing and management software. Having won previous awards for its website presentation, content and SEO, this prize was awarded for the company’s in-house development of a completely bespoke and comprehensive Property Management and CRM (Client Relationship Management) system that impressed the international panel of industry experts with its detail, multifunctionality and operational efficiency.

Tailored management applications developed in-house

The idea of developing a comprehensive property management and CRM program tailored specifically to the needs of the company arose during a meeting that involved management, the sales teams and the head of Rimontgó’s IT department. With feedback from the commercial department a blueprint was designed around which such software could be built, and soon the IT team began developing the specifications and writing the code required.

Begun in 2008 and launched in 2011, it is now fully functional within the Rimontgó branches and although ever evolving, it has matured into the sole property management and CRM software used by the company. Renew, as the system is called, works to an English interface and goes beyond conventional property listing and CRM systems to also organise information flows between the internal networks and the company’s websites, thus creating a highly transparent and easily manageable communication and planning platform that puts anything from property listings and specifications to customer enquiries and sales histories at your fingertips.

Accessible from any computer format, be it a PC, Mac or smart phone, the system gives different members of the Rimontgó team easy access to information and a host of new working, planning and scheduling tools, all with a view to increasing the efficiency of information storage and processing, communication and ultimately customer service. “Response times are down, enabling simpler lines of communication and allowing us to get back to clients with information more quickly and accurately,” says company CEO Antonio Ribes, proud of his company’s innovative approach to achieving ever-improving professional standards.