The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Best Mobile Website and Website Quality Certification 2017

Rimontgó’s efforts in the digital marketing sector have been recognised with the receipt of another award. On this occasion, we were awarded the Best Mobile website prize by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, one of our affiliates, during the annual conference that took place on 27th February-3rd March at Hotel Fontainebleau in Miami Beach.

The origin of this award comes from the Website Quality Certification, a certificate granted by a panel of experts from Leading Real Estate that value the web pages of affiliated companies, according to certain criteria such as ease of use, privacy or interactivity. Just 136 of these companies, including Rimontgó, possess one of this web quality certificate. Leading Real Estate uses each of the parameters mentioned to rank the nominees, although the award given to us at Rimontgó is significantly more important as it takes all the categories in to account and there are only 3 nominees. In the past, Rimontgó’s work in digital marketing has received them various awards, such as “Best Interactivity Award” (2013), “Best New Media” (2011), “Best Overall Website” (2010) and “Best SEO Strategy” (2009).

In 2016, Rimontgó was a finalist but this year has left with the prize, thanks to the mobile-version of the site developed in 2014 and 2015, where ease of use was the priority. At the end of this year, Rimontgó will release a new version with added improvements.

In addition, Rimontgo’s IT department is currently finishing up the European Real Estate Network’s (EREN) property management system that will be revealed during the annual meeting that will be held at the end of this month in the Austrian town of Kitzbühel. Gornik Immobilien will host the event, where the rest of the associate members of this network of specialised firms in the luxury real-estate business will be present.

We have also increased the amount of external projects we have developed for this same purpose. During 2016, we developed a web page and internal management system for an American real estate company and this year, we have been working on a similar project for a firm based in Bordeaux. Both companies, like Rimontgó form part of the exclusive real estate market.

This work carried out by Rimontgó has special importance considering that the search engine Google, will implement a Mobile First feature in the near future that will index the web pages, prioritising the mobile versions. Rimontgó has optimised the search of its web pages (available in 7 languages) on mobile devices, maintaining a step ahead of Google.