The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Best Overall Website - 2010

Out of more than 600 real estate companies in the world – from Hong Kong to London and Singapore to New York – the University of Chicago chose the top 111 that met the most stringent requirements for quality and outstanding service. From amongst these, four were nominated for the top prize. Although Rimontgó was the only non-American firm on this shortlist, when the announce came last Friday in Las Vegas, Nevada, it read: “From Jávea and Valencia…, Spain…, the Best Overall Website award goes to… Rimontgó.”

“Having received the most important prize at the international real estate conference in Las Vegas last week, is recognition for a job well done and motivation to continue along the same lines,” said Antonio Ribes Bas, Director of Rimontgó, during the interview that followed immediately afterwards.

Q: How do you feel having just been awarded Best Overall Website by one of the most prominent luxury real estate organisations in the world?

A: Firstly, we feel the commitment to try to win the award again in 2012. The competition level is very high and the competing companies are the best in the industry, offering their customers a top level of professional service.

Of course, receiving an award is important. On a worldwide scale, this award is the biggest in the industry. We are very happy; this is recognition of a job well done and motivation to continue along the same lines.

Q: What effect do you hope this to have?

A: Winning an award does not necessarily bring immediate results on a commercial level, but it is certainly a motivation to continue performing our work with the same dedication and excellence as we have up to now. This award looks back in time: it is confirmation of what Rimontgó has done so far, and in that sense is a guarantee and an affirmation of the quality standards and service we offer our customers.

The award is not success in itself, not even a path to achieving success. It is a certification of success; the certification of what we have been doing over the years, since the company was founded in Jávea in 1959. And this success is not for Rimontgó alone, but also for its clients who enjoy an exemplary level of service and see their needs met in advance with all the associated elements of quality, security and confidentiality.

This award has consequences for four groups of people:

In a direct sense for our clients who have property for sale, they will enjoy a better exposure of their properties. Better, in this instance, both in qualitative and quantitative terms: quality as the exposure is adapted to their specific product and quantity from the number of visits we receive to our website that exceeds that of our competitors.

Clients who are buyers find the product more easily, through an interactive and easy to use website. On contacting us, they will encounter an efficient service that translates into a pleasant experience from the first contact to the final purchase.

The professionals working at Rimontgó will also benefit from the customer relationship tools available that are market leading, facilitating their work and allowing them to offer their clients the best possible attention.

And finally, this award also means raising the bar for the service and quality offered in the industry. This differentiates Rimontgó from other companies, but at the same time, the motivation to excel offers the general public a better service.

Q: How do you feel about having the ‘best real estate website in the world’?

A: Great satisfaction, and a deep gratitude to all the professionals who work at Rimontgó for the excellence of their work.