Forbes Global Properties
Forbes Global Properties

Forbes Global Properties

Forbes Global Properties is the result of the alliance of some of the most prestigious real estate companies in the world and the international business communication company Forbes.

Connecting the top segment of the very high end of the luxury residential market with Forbes’ engaged audience was a clear head start to Forbes who decided to back up and invest in the success of this company.

Its founders, who are specialised in connecting the world’s most discerning buyers directly to some of the finest, elegant and most beautiful homes around the world, could not find a better partner than Forbes.

Rimontgó is a proud founding partner of Forbes Global Properties.

José Ribes Bas recalls the phone call received from his over-20-year dear friend Jeff Hyland at the early stages of this project:

“Rimontgó has been essential in the creation and development of national and international companies and alliances, such as Nac Premier. José Ribes has also been a founding partner of EREN – The European Real Estate Network; a member of the international advisory board of The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Luxury Portfolio and Christie’s International Real Estate, where he has been a member of its international advisory board from 2005 to 2019. In all of them, Rimontgó has worked to always provide a better service to its clients.

When we received the call from Jeff Hyland, with whom we have been friends for over 20 years, we immediately visualised that this alliance with Forbes was the perfect combination to best serve our clients. Bringing together the leading names in luxury residential with the international leader in business communications has the immediate result of connecting the top end of the high-end residential market with Forbes’ exclusive audience.

Privately buying property is what our clients around the world want. With Forbes Global Properties, Rimontgó is, now, able to find for our discerning buyers the most exclusive, finest and beautiful homes around the world, even if they are not yet in the market. This is a service and a privilege we offer to our clients with full dedication and total confidentiality.”