Private sales

The confidentiality and superb treatment of information are the foundation of our success, especially with a particular type of real estate transactions, and they are a guarantee of our continuity as a business. There are properties which, due to their uniqueness, are particularly sensitive to being displayed in the market indiscriminately or with little control.

There are also clients who, due to their outstanding reputation, prestige or social relevance, demand an extremely confidential treatment on our part, both when they decide to purchase a property, and also when they eventually decide to sell a property. Normally, these transactions are only known once they have been processed and it is what we in Rimontgó call, private sale.

At Rimontgó, we have some properties available which we present solely to a potential buyer, after having a personal interview with said buyer and having agreed on the suitability of the property with the requirements of the buyer.

On our website, you can find a sample of some of the properties that we market. However, should you be unable to find a property that fits your purchasing criteria at that particular time, we invite you to complete the form attached and to arrange a personal meeting with us, either in one of our offices or at your home. Naturally, the visit, meeting and buying preferences will all be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

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