Impressive property with views in historic building near Bilbao
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Impressive property with views in historic building near Bilbao

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Description of the building

The Eguzki Alde palace, in the Basque town of Getxo, is a building designed and built by the architect Leonardo Rucabado in 1918. The Eguzki Alde palace is the purest and most representative example of the architectural style known as "neo-montanesque" in the region.

The environment and its history:

The iron and steel industry and shipbuilding that developed in Bilbao and the municipalities along its estuary during the 19th century made the port of Bilbao the port of connection with large European cities for the transport of iron ore, coal, oil and its refined products. The iron and steel industry, shipbuilding and trade made Bilbao one of the richest cities in Spain.

The large amount of economic resources generated allowed - between 1887 and 1893 - the design, construction and financing by private initiative of a bridge - the Vizcaya Bridge: the first suspension bridge in Spain - to join the two banks of the estuary at the mouth of the River Nervión, before reaching the large port known as El Abra Exterior.

The existence of the bridge facilitated the formation of the Neguri neighbourhood as a residential area for Bilbao's industrial and commercial bourgeoisie, which was strongly influenced by the English culture and customs of the time.

The Neguri neighbourhood has a design inspired by English garden cities. At the beginning of the 20th century it was a residential holiday area for the wealthiest families who built and lived in immense mansions. Over time, it became a permanent residential neighbourhood, but retained the prestige and reputation for quality that it had a hundred years ago. The palace of Eguzki Alde is located in the heart of the Neguri district on the seafront.

If Eguzki Alde means "the sunny side" in the local Basque language, Neguri - which comes from negu-uri, i.e. neguko hiri - means "winter town".

Built with solid stone walls and wooden beams, it stands out for its elegance and sturdy appearance. Its volumes are arranged gradually over six storeys, from its sturdy base on the ground floor to its tower, which rises above a hipped roof topped with elegant decorative stone pinnacles that are an extension of the columns that form the corners of the façades.

The cornices elegantly overhanging around the perimeter protect the balconies, terraces and windows, well distributed among its five houses.

With a rectangular floor plan of three by four openings, a distribution of light-filled rooms is achieved in each of the dwellings. This use of natural light is a worthy recognition of the suggestive name of the palace: "Eguzki Alde" or "Sunny Side".

Situated in a location chosen for its multiple advantages, this palace enjoys unbeatable views of the sea, the sandy beach of La Bola, the marina of Getxo and the bay of El Abra.

Complete reconstruction

There is no greater luxury than to be able to completely refurbish an early 20th century palace with a structure of solid stone and robust hardwoods in an enviable location. Modern techniques and materials have allowed these residences to have a very functional contemporary design and minimal energy consumption, allowing maximum comfort for its residents.

Description of each flat

There are five homes in the building: two homes on the ground and first floors; one home on the second floor; one home on the third floor and one home on the fourth floor.

The latter two dwellings can be configured as a single dwelling, as explained below.

The building is located in the centre of a 2,000 m2 plot, which has several gardens, a 20 m long swimming pool and enough underground garages and storage rooms for the dwellings, with entrance and exit to the garage directly from the street.

The flat on the third floor, B, with a constructed area of 303 m2, has its access through an independent hall on the third floor which, by means of an original wooden staircase, communicates with the fourth floor.

It consists of four very spacious bedrooms, with complete bathroom, a guest toilet, laundry room, a living room of 24 m2 with circular staircase leading to the tower and a large kitchen/dining room of 20 m2.

The master bedroom with its bathroom and dressing room has a surface area of approximately 35 m2.

The tower, which occupies the highest part of the building, can be used as a study room, gymnasium, music room, etc., with a surface of 15 m2 very luminous thanks to its large windows to the four winds from which you can contemplate magnificent views to the sea and the mountains.

Impressive property with views in historic building near BilbaoImpressive property with views in historic building near BilbaoImpressive property with views in historic building near BilbaoImpressive property with views in historic building near Bilbao

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