Over 50 years of service and excellence

Rimontgó was founded in Jávea in 1959, but the commercial tradition of the family dates back to 1890, when Mateo Ribes Simó, great grandfather of the Ribes brothers, began a thriving business exporting fruit to different parts of Europe. His determination and business ethics formed the underpinnings of a family tradition that is now in its fourth generation.

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Foreword to Rimontgó’s 50 Anniversary Book
by Mr Miguel Giner Albalate.

Miguel Giner Miguel Giner Albalate. Notario.

Success throughout generations.

My dear friends Pepe and Antonio,

Some time ago I was proud to receive the layout of this project, which today is a reality: the book published to commemorate Rimontgó’s Golden Jubilee.

This enthusiasm was followed by some expectation when you asked me to actively take part in it, writing its foreword. Because of our enduring ties of friendship I did not hesitate and accepted immediately, but as I read the book and looked at the pictures I almost decided to call you back saying I’d better give up, that I was not capable of doing it.

Nevertheless, when I started remembering old times and especially all the moments we have lived together, I thought, why not write a few words to express my sincere congratulations for your success. Although I am not surprised at all, it ́s not that you ́ve been blessed by luck, yet sometimes being lucky is necessary, but with the love and enthusiasm you instill in your work. These qualities along with many others ensure that those who contact you in the professional field become friends forever.

I can still remember my years in Jávea as a Notary Public around the 1980s when we first met, and how lucky I was when you offered a plot of land to me and my family, however the best was that you both took charge of the building of my home, our jewel.

As I already told you last year after reading an article about Rimontgó in the newspaper, your success is not only your’s, but also that of a team that feels an important part of Rimontgó and part of your own families.

You have established yourselves as an international company in the high-end real estate sector and hereby I encourage you to continue like this, staying at the pinnacle and basing your work on the values that have always guided you: your origins, naturalness, professionalism and of course your family, your team and your friends.

Best wishes,

Miguel Giner.

Foreword to Rimontgó’s 50 Anniversary Book
by Mr José Miguel Martínez-Medina.

Jose Miguel Martinez-Medina Jose Miguel Martinez-Medina.

Olé for your 50th!

Behind each success we can find a story and Valencia was not built in a day.

My congratulations to the Ribes family and the whole team for Rimontgó’s 50 th birthday. Olé for your 50th!!

I may not be the proper person to write these lines, but my good friend José Ribes asked me to do it and here I am, involved in this, even though I know nothing about the real estate world…

I only know that for running their business the Ribes family has gathered for generations, all the conditions and values that are necessary and essential to make a company of this nature continue working throughout so many years.

I know the Ribes brothers both professionally and personally and I do assure you they are trustworthy people. Furthermore, those of you who know the rest of the family will have already discovered they are courageous, hard-working, upright, reliable and extremely tenacious and patient people.

And let me continue my praise, because when you get to know them better you will find out they are also efficient, good strategists, magnificent communicators – never mind the language – they hate mediocrity, but are not over ambitious either, they love their job and always like to do it well and with passion.

The Ribes family and the Rimontgó team are trained in total confidentiality and absolute discretion and always offer the finest service to their clients, to whom they bend over backwards.

While remaining in the background they become intimate to the s, advising and suggesting to them the best purchase or investment solution.

In current times like this… who can ask for more?

Again, congratulations, Ribes family and team.

José Miguel Martínez-Medina

José Miguel Martínez-Medina is co-owner of the prestigious furniture company Jose Martínez-Medina, Mobisa, founded in Valencia in 1906.

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