Pla del Real

Pla del Real is an area of Valencia located on the right bank (heading north) of the new Turia riverbed. Pla del Real is an area bounded by the riverbed, Avenida Blasco Ibáñez and Avenida de Aragón, characterised by a quiet, family-oriented environment, with a marked residential accent. It is one of the areas of Valencia with the highest per capita income and the highest quality of life. This area extends to the area around the Viveros gardens and the German School, through residential buildings in landmark streets such as Botánico Cavanilles or Plaza de la Legión Española.

As Pla del Real is one of the areas with the highest per capita income in Valencia, is it an expensive area to buy a home?

Pla del Real is also one of the areas with the highest quality of life in Valencia, which is why it is also one of the most sought-after areas when it comes to buying a property. We must bear in mind that Pla del Real is characterised by the quality of its buildings and in extension of its homes, spacious, comfortable and excellently located in the city.

As it is an area with a quality status acquired over the years, the properties tend not to depreciate in value.

In any case, the purchase of a property in Pla del Real, under the advice of an expert real estate advisor, has all the guarantees to become an optimal acquisition.

What kind of services can I find in Pla del Real if I buy a property?

The Pla del Real area has all kinds of services, as well as being perfectly connected to the city centre either on foot (simply cross the Flores and Exposición bridges to reach the Ensanche and Ciutat Vella) or by means of the public transport.

Pla del Real has large recreational areas, such as the green highway of the Turia riverbed or the nearby Jardines de Viveros. The area has excellent hotels (such as The Westin) and first class restaurants such as Oganyo, Kibo, La Principal, Belmonte or Apicius.

Sports enthusiasts will find the wide open spaces of the riverbed for running and cycling, but also the recently renovated Piscina de Valencia, a recently renovated complex with a swimming pool, gym, water area, solarium and a whole range of fitness activities, is just a stone’s throw away.

In Pla del Real there are still buildings that form part of the city’s historical heritage: the Palacio de la Exposición (a legacy of the 1909 Regional Exhibition), the old Casa de Lactancia, which was later converted into a spa, and the Tabacalera complex, currently the headquarters of Valencia City Council.

What kind of properties can I buy in Pla del Real in Valencia?

The Pla del Real area has a number of high quality buildings, many of them built between the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 21st century. In terms of construction quality, interior design and finishes, the two buildings that occupy the rear of the former Tabacalera headquarters are particularly noteworthy. Other notable buildings are the one known as “La Pagoda”, located on the corner with Viveros gardens and occupying the site formerly known as the Palacio de Ripalda, as well as the buildings on Paseo de la Alameda, which have large terraces and excellent views of the city. Calle Botánico Cavanilles and adjacent streets are lined with buildings erected during the 1960s and 1970s, with large communal gardens, which have given the neighbourhood an elegant residential character.

These buildings, many of them with parking spaces in the basement, house spacious homes (we can find flats with dimensions of over 200 m2), perfectly adapted to their potential buyers, among which the profile of families with school-age children stands out.

What lifestyle will I enjoy when I buy a property in Pla del Real?

Pla del Real is one of the quietest areas of the city, with a marked residential character. The Paseo de la Alameda is ideal for strolling either in a southerly direction (towards the City of Arts and Sciences) or to reach the Viveros gardens.

The cafés and bars with terraces on the Alameda are a hit on weekend mornings as they are one of the best places to enjoy an aperitif in the sunshine in the city.

If we go a step further, we reach the old riverbed, a perfect place for the whole family and especially for running and cycling enthusiasts.

At the other end, Avenida Blasco Ibáñez is notable for its student traffic during the academic year, as it is home to universities such as Philosophy, Medicine and Geography and History.

For those who like to walk, it is quite a challenge to cover the whole of this avenue, starting from the vicinity of the Viveros Gardens and ending at the gates of the Cabanyal neighbourhood.

At night, the streets of Pla del Real are transformed: students have a coffee or a beer before saying goodbye while the morning terraces of Paseo de la Alameda give way to the interior of restaurants such as Jauja or LLebeig.

Is Pla del Real a safe area to buy a property?

Pla del Real is a completely safe area, even more so if we take into account that in Paseo de la Alameda we find a National Police station.

Pla del Real is busy at practically all hours of the day, from early in the morning thanks to the opening of the nearby schools and universities. When the sun goes down, the terraces stay open most of the year until almost midnight.

Is Pla del Real a suitable area for families?

Pla del real is an area especially suitable for families. Not only because of the spacious homes available to interested buyers, but also because of the presence of large green areas, state schools such as Marqués del Turia or San José de Calasanz, or sports centres such as the Valencia Swimming Pool, which offers swimming activities for babies and children.

Families will especially enjoy sunny days strolling along the Paseo de la Alameda, Jardines de Viveros or the Turia riverbed.

Is it a good option to buy a property and rent it out?

Valencia is a very active city in the rental market. More and more national and foreign professionals are choosing Valencia to develop their careers. In addition, Valencia is a city that receives thousands of students every year, as it has excellent universities and prestigious teaching centres, such as the European headquarters of Berklee College of Music. Acquiring a property for the rental market is an increasingly widespread option. At Rimontgó we will advise you step by step if you wish to explore this option.

What type of foreign clients buy property in Valencia?

There is no defined typology although we can point to liberal professionals who settle in Valencia with their families, those who work for foreign companies with headquarters in the city and, of course, retired people who buy a home in Valencia knowing the quality of life that the city offers.

What guarantees can I count on when buying a property in Valencia?

Firstly, at Rimontgó we always recommend, when purchasing a property, to count on the advice of an accredited and experienced professional. The purchase of a property is a very important decision for any client and for this reason we insist on the need for advice and help. The housing market in Valencia, as in the rest of Spain, is regulated and has all the legal guarantees that protect the interests of both the buyer and the seller.

What are the expenses derived from the purchase of a property in Valencia?

The costs for the buyer in Valencia are the same as in the rest of Spain. Notary and Property Registry fees, Value Added Tax (VAT), Stamp Duty and Transfer Tax. Some of these expenses depend on the value of the property. At Rimontgó we will accompany you in all the phases of the purchase, and previously we will offer you a detailed report of the expenses derived from the acquisition of the property.

How long does it take to buy a property in Valencia?

There is no definite time frame. At Rimontgó we always recommend calmly analysing the market and the different proposals it has to offer. The purchase of a property is a unique decision, extremely important and that affects both the buyer and their family, which is why haste is not a good advisor. It is essential to take as much time as the client needs to choose the best option.

Is it advisable to go to a real estate company when buying a property in Valencia?

It is not convenient. It is essential. In Spain, the home buying and selling market is a free market, which is why at Rimontgó we always recommend that you turn to professionals with experience and prestige. Expert advice in all phases of the purchase is the best tool to make an optimal decision.

Do I need any special documentation to buy a property?

At Rimontgó we advise our clients in all the administrative processes related to the purchase of a property, such as obtaining the NIE, opening a bank account or choosing a notary to carry out the signature with all the legal guarantees.

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