Cullera and Cap Blanc

Cullera and Cap Blanc

The town of Cullera is located next to the Mediterranean, some 40 kilometres from Valencia. Cullera is a town that has eleven beaches and enjoys family tourism. Most of its visitors come from Valencia, towns near Cullera, Madrid and the north of Spain, although there are also international visitors, many of them from France.

In Cullera, which has a very extensive municipal area, the Cap Blanc urbanisation stands out, with villas of great quality and privacy.

I like the privacy and the possibility of buying a villa in Cap Blanc, but is this urbanisation too isolated?

The Cap Blanc urbanization harmoniously combines privacy with perfect communication both with the town of Cullera itself and with other nearby towns such as El Perelló, Sueca or the city of Valencia. Owners of a villa in Cap Blanc enjoy the tranquillity of a gated community as well as the ease of access to all the services they need in their day-to-day life. Moreover, Cullera has a train station, with several direct connections to Valencia on a daily basis.

Where is the Cap Blanc development located?

The Cap Blanc development is located on a hill with magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea, next to the beach from which it takes its name. This area was formerly known as “barranc de les palomes”, dedicated to agriculture. This urbanization is very close to the lighthouse of Cullera and the Hotel Sicania complex and the lighthouse beach itself. Due to its privileged situation, the location of the Cap Blanc urbanization is unbeatable.

What are the characteristics of the Cap Blanc development?

Cap Blanc is a closed urbanization, built during the seventies and composed of villas of great constructive quality, all of them with excellent views of the Mediterranean. The Cap Blanc urbanization also stands out for the great privacy provided by its location.

At the same time, Cap Blanc is perfectly communicated and we can quickly access the AP7 motorway or reach the València airport in around 50 minutes, which is 56 kilometres away.

Cullera and Cap Blanc

What other properties can I find in Cullera, apart from the villas in the Cap Blanc urbanisation?

Throughout the municipality of Cullera and scattered along the length and breadth of its mountain, we find villas with enchanting views of the Mediterranean. These villas, with garage and private swimming pool, as well as many other extras, are an excellent alternative to the villas of Cap Blanc. Both options, as long as you have the advice of a real estate professional, will be a guarantee for the future acquisition of the property.

What lifestyle will I enjoy if I buy a property in Cullera?

In addition to the privacy and exclusivity guaranteed by the purchase of a property in Cap Blanc, or a villa located in a privileged position, life in Cullera is characterised by a 100% Mediterranean style. Cullera’s eleven beaches, which have the quality of sand and water as their common factor, but at the same time are different from each other. The Racó and San Antonio beaches are located in the most populated areas of the town, while in more secluded areas we find the beaches of Dosel, Escollera, Brosquil, Marenyet or Faro.

For water sports enthusiasts there are different clubs dedicated to surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddle-surfing. The Cullera Yacht Club has moorings for sale or rent for boats of different sizes.

As in many other towns, rice is the main protagonist of the gastronomy in Cullera, with the restaurant Casa Salvador at the forefront, joined by restaurants such as Picanterra, El Rincón del Faro or Casa Nostra.

The nightlife is another of the great attractions of this town, with a multitude of options for a first drink after dinner, a quality ice cream or simply to enjoy a night-time stroll along the busy promenade.

One of the most recommended walks is to walk to the Sanctuary located next to Cullera castle, which can also be visited. This route can also be done by bicycle, although its ramps are only suitable for experienced cyclists.

Finally, it should be noted that next to Cullera train station there is a large hypermarket and a multi-cinema with several cinemas.

What is life like in Cullera outside the summer months?

As happens in other towns along the Valencian coast, Cullera experiences an unusual tranquillity before and after the arrival of the holidaymakers. It is then when the day-to-day life moves to the old town, leaving the area closest to the beaches in an unusual silence, which the locals and residents take advantage of to take long walks along the sand and even go for a swim, taking advantage of the mild climate and a sun that never seems to want to leave completely.

Is Cullera a safe area to buy a property?

In the case of acquiring one of the villas located in Cap Blanc, security is guaranteed thanks to the fact that it is a gated community. In the case of the rest of the municipality of Cullera, security is also very high. As a fact to take into account, Cullera has one of the lowest crime rates in the province, according to estimates by the Guardia Civil.

Is buying a property in Cullera the right decision for my family?

Cullera is a town specially adapted to the leisure and free time needs of families. In addition to its more than ten beaches, all of them of excellent quality, it has all kinds of services aimed at children and a long promenade where you can stroll, day or night, or stop for a coffee, a crepe or an ice cream, not forgetting the wide range of dining options for lunch or dinner.

On the other hand, Cullera is focused on family tourism and there are many families, both national and foreign, who come back year after year after visiting Cullera for the first time.

Is it a good option to buy a property and rent it out?

Valencia is a very active city in the rental market. More and more national and foreign professionals are choosing Valencia to develop their careers. In addition, Valencia is a city that receives thousands of students every year, as it has excellent universities and prestigious teaching centres, such as the European headquarters of Berklee College of Music. Acquiring a property for the rental market is an increasingly widespread option. At Rimontgó we will advise you step by step if you wish to explore this option.

What type of foreign clients buy property in Valencia?

There is no defined typology although we can point to liberal professionals who settle in Valencia with their families, those who work for foreign companies with headquarters in the city and, of course, retired people who buy a home in Valencia knowing the quality of life that the city offers.

What guarantees can I count on when buying a property in Valencia?

Firstly, at Rimontgó we always recommend, when purchasing a property, to count on the advice of an accredited and experienced professional. The purchase of a property is a very important decision for any client and for this reason we insist on the need for advice and help. The housing market in Valencia, as in the rest of Spain, is regulated and has all the legal guarantees that protect the interests of both the buyer and the seller.

What are the expenses derived from the purchase of a property in Valencia?

The costs for the buyer in Valencia are the same as in the rest of Spain. Notary and Land Registry fees, Value Added Tax (VAT), Stamp Duty and Transfer Tax. Some of these expenses depend on the value of the property. At Rimontgó we will accompany you in all the phases of the purchase, and previously we will offer you a detailed report of the costs derived from the acquisition of the property.

How long does it take to buy a property in Valencia?

There is no definite time frame. At Rimontgó we always recommend calmly analysing the market and the different proposals it has to offer. The purchase of a property is a unique decision, extremely important and that affects both the buyer and their family, which is why haste is not a good advisor. It is essential to take as much time as the client needs to choose the best option.

Is it advisable to go to a real estate company when buying a property in Valencia?

It is not convenient. It is essential. In Spain, the home buying and selling market is a free market, which is why at Rimontgó we always recommend that you turn to professionals with experience and prestige. Expert advice in all phases of the purchase is the best tool to make an optimal decision.

Do I need any special documentation to buy a property?

At Rimontgó we advise our clients in all the administrative processes related to the purchase of a property, such as obtaining the NIE, opening a bank account or choosing a notary to carry out the signature with all the legal guarantees.

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