El Perellonet

El Perellonet

El Perellonet is a district of Valencia, located about 15 kilometres from the city, in the vicinity of the Albufera Natural Park. El Perellonet is a traditional summer resort for Valencians thanks to its wide beach and its proximity to the city. Far from overcrowding, El Perellonet is a quiet, family holiday area.

In the case of buying a property in El Perellonet, how long would it take to get to Valencia?

El Perellonet is barely 15 kilometres from Valencia, but we must bear in mind that the main communication route is the CV-500 road that crosses the Albufera National Park. Due to its particular route and out of respect for the protected fauna and flora of this Natural Park, the CV-500 cannot be widened, so it has only one lane in both directions.

On weekdays, with little traffic, we can reach El Perellonet from Valencia in about 25 minutes. At weekends, especially in the summer months and during rush hours, this time can easily reach 45 minutes.

El Perellonet is one of the ideal destinations for a second home if you work in the city of Valencia.

El Perellonet is also accessible by the bus lines of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) as well as by bicycle, combining the cycle lane with the road.

What is El Perellonet and its beach like?

El Perellonet is a hamlet near Valencia, which has its roots in traditional fishing. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first families of fishermen settled there, followed by others later on, encouraged by the construction of the road that linked Valencia with the district and continued southwards, passing through El Perelló, Mareny de Barraquetes, Mareny de Sant Llorenç until reaching Cullera.

From the 1950s onwards, Perellonet’s reputation as a perfect holiday resort grew, and during the following two decades, the district consolidated itself as a summer destination for many families in Valencia.

Today, the population of Perellonet in winter is around 1600 inhabitants, although in summer it increases exponentially. In any case, the absence of large buildings has made it possible to avoid the overcrowding of other Valencian summer resorts, preserving the family spirit and a great tranquillity for the holidaymaker.

What is the lifestyle I will enjoy when I buy a property on Perellonet beach?

During the winters, El Perellonet is a place where silence usually reigns after the holidaymakers have left. One of the most comforting activities is to stroll along the beach at sunset to listen to the murmur of the water and the sound of the seagulls.

During the summer months, with the arrival of the holidaymakers, there is an increase in the hustle and bustle, but nowhere near the crowds that can be seen in other parts of the Valencian Community.

Most of these holidaymakers are families from Valencia who for years have kept their second home in El Perellonet, where they come not only during the summer months, but also on holidays, weekends and long weekends, given the proximity of the district to Valencia.

El Perellonet beach is one of the best examples of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

El Perellonet

What services can I find in El Perellonet?

In Perellonet itself we can find the minimum services of any hamlet, such as grocery shops and small shops. A water canal separates Perellonet from its older sister, the town of Perelló, which has a wider range of options.

El Perellonet stands out for its restaurants, which work with product-based cuisine, using local raw materials, such as fish and especially eel from the Albufera. Among the most popular restaurants are Perellonet and Blayet, with allipebre as one of its best-known hallmarks.

For surfing and paddle-surfing enthusiasts, in the Perellonet gola there are two clubs that offer classes aimed at beginners in these sports, such as children or teenagers. The Club Náutico del Perelló provides both moorings and water sports classes.

Golf lovers are in luck, as just two kilometres from Perellonet sits the Parador de Turismo del Saler, which has an exceptional course – ranked among the 100 most beautiful in the world – designed between the sea and the pine trees by Javier Arana. All the great players have played on the green paths of the Parador, with the German Bernhard Langer, who currently holds the course record, standing out.

What kind of properties can I buy in Perellonet?

Next to Perellonet beach, and on the beachfront, there are both beautiful townhouses and spacious flats located in medium-rise complexes with all the necessary amenities: garage in the same building and great swimming pools to cool off after a day at the beach. Any of these options is an excellent alternative when buying a property, as long as you have the advice of an expert real estate professional.

Is El Perellonet a safe area to buy a property?

Despite being a hamlet and located some 15 kilometres from Valencia, El Perellonet is a perfectly safe area for its residents, even during the autumn and winter months, when the influx of visitors decreases.

Is El Perellonet suitable for families?

The wonderful beach of El Perellonet is one of the main reasons why this district is an excellent destination for any family. In addition, the very characteristics of its holidaymakers, families who have kept their flat or second home for decades, make El Perellonet a perfect holiday destination for any family with children. The nearest schools, in addition to those located in the city of Valencia itself, are those of Pinedo, El Saler – located among Mediterranean pine trees – and El Perelló.

Is it a good option to buy a property and rent it out?

Valencia is a very active city in the rental market. More and more national and foreign professionals are choosing Valencia to develop their careers. In addition, Valencia is a city that receives thousands of students every year, as it has excellent universities and prestigious teaching centres, such as the European headquarters of Berklee College of Music. Acquiring a property for the rental market is an increasingly widespread option. At Rimontgó we will advise you step by step if you wish to explore this option.

What type of foreign clients buy property in Valencia?

There is no defined typology, although we can point to liberal professionals who settle in Valencia with their families, those who work for foreign companies with headquarters in the city and, of course, retired people who buy a home in Valencia because of the quality of life offered by the city.

What guarantees can I count on when buying a property in Valencia?

Firstly, at Rimontgó we always recommend, when purchasing a property, to count on the advice of an accredited and experienced professional. The purchase of a property is a very important decision for any client and for this reason we insist on the need for advice and help. The housing market in Valencia, as in the rest of Spain, is regulated and has all the legal guarantees that protect the interests of both the buyer and the seller.

What are the expenses derived from the purchase of a property in Valencia?

The costs for the buyer in Valencia are the same as in the rest of Spain. Notary and Land Registry fees, Value Added Tax (VAT), Stamp Duty and Transfer Tax. Some of these expenses depend on the value of the property. At Rimontgó we will accompany you in all the phases of the purchase, and previously we will offer you a detailed report of the costs derived from the acquisition of the property.

How long does it take to buy a property in Valencia?

There is no definite time frame. At Rimontgó we always recommend calmly analysing the market and the different proposals it has to offer. The purchase of a property is a unique decision, extremely important and that affects both the buyer and their family, which is why haste is not a good advisor. It is essential to take as much time as the client needs to choose the best option.

Is it advisable to go to a real estate company when buying a property in Valencia?

It is not convenient. It is essential. In Spain, the home buying and selling market is a free market, which is why at Rimontgó we always recommend that you turn to professionals with experience and prestige. Expert advice in all phases of the purchase is the best tool to make an optimal decision.

Do I need any special documentation to buy a property?

At Rimontgó we advise our clients in all the administrative processes related to the purchase of a property, such as obtaining the NIE, opening a bank account or choosing a notary to carry out the signature with all the legal guarantees.