Fontanars dels Alforins

Fontanars dels Alforins

The municipality of Fontanars dels Alforins is the centre of an area of outstanding scenic beauty and of undoubted ethnological and cultural interest. The town of Fontanars is located in the region of La Vall d’Albaida in the province of Valencia, an area of agricultural tradition and bordering two areas with an outstanding wine-growing activity, such as Moixent and La Font de la Figuera, which is why it is not surprising that vine cultivation nowadays extends to Fontanars itself. Precisely the area delimited by these three towns is known as Terres dels Alforins, an area of great scenic beauty.

The historical presence of wine in Fontanars

Fontanars del Alforins has historically been a town closely linked to the world of wine. In the middle of the last century, the number of wineries was around one hundred, although over the decades it gradually decreased. The inherited wineries, as well as the new ones, have positioned Fontanars dels Alforins, included in the Valencia Designation of Origin, as one of the most prestigious areas in the wine sector in the Valencian Community. Many of these wineries are located in farmhouses or large country houses, witnesses to the historical potential of this sector in the Vall d’Albaida region. The wineries present in Fontanars produce red and white wines thanks to varieties that are well established in the area, such as merlot, monastrell, macabeo or parellada. Some of these wineries offer wine tourism services, which is why, over the last few years, Fontanars has become a very popular place for weekend tourism.

What are the main attractions of Fontanars dels Alforins?

There are two aspects of Fontanars that make visitors fall in love with it. One is the landscape, exemplified by a valley dotted with crops such as vines and olives, which change colour every season of the year. Another is the Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and summers in which the temperatures, at sunset, give you a rest. Another of the factors that help to understand the attraction of this locality is the tranquillity with which the day-to-day life is lived, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. A country house or rural property in Fontanars is one of the best ways to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Is Fontanars dels Alforins well communicated?

Fontanars dels Alforins is perfectly communicated with the city of Valencia via the A-7 motorway. The journey by car takes just over an hour as the distance between the two points is about 100 km. The international airport of Manises is located at a similar distance.

Does Fontanars dels Alforins have all the services?

Despite being a town with a relatively small population (around a thousand residents), Fontanars has all the basic services, such as shops, businesses and health centres. Furthermore, just 25 kilometres away is the town of Ontinyent, an important industrial centre in the province with services such as Local Police and Guardia Civil, as well as a new hospital that will replace the current General Hospital and will be finished in 2023.

What is the lifestyle I can enjoy in Fontanars?

The relaxed, calm and unhurried life. A stroll through the streets of Fontanars, where all the neighbours know each other. A walk at sunset, among vineyards and olive trees. A night with the country house as a family refuge, far from daily worries. Fontanars is identified with a Mediterranean lifestyle against the backdrop of an enviable landscape.

What kind of properties can I buy in the area of Fontanars dels Alforins?

A spacious country house is one of the best options for enjoying life in Fontanars. These are large properties, with a wide expanse of land around them, sometimes with farmland where olive trees abound. They are properties with an excellent quality of construction, cool in summer and with a great capacity for insulation from the cold during the autumn and winter months, with a location from which you can enjoy excellent views of the surroundings. Spacious houses, with large rooms and in which stone and wood have been used as base materials, with an excellent construction quality.

Properties in Fontanars dels Alforins