Life-giving gardens

In this collection you will find a selection of houses and villas with large gardens.

Here is an offer of luxury villas in Costa del Sol with well-preserved garden: leafy or minimalist; country estates in the Mediterranean coast with grand green spaces; Masía-style properties with century-old olive trees and vineyards plus penthouses in Valencia full of plants and flowers.

  • Villas with large gardens.
  • Country houses with plots.
  • Penthouses with green terraces.

Properties with gardens and green spaces, both if they are houses or apartments often have in common features such as:

  • Green areas which offer wellness, they are places to recreate and relax and always have a positive effect on us.
  • A garden means color, aromas and noises, a garden means thousands of healthy feelings for your body and mind.
  • It is synonym of splendor in spring and freshness in summer.
  • A garden connects you with nature.
  • The perfect place for all those activities you are passionate about: reading, writing, meditating, playing with your kids, chatting with the family and friends, celebrating events and/or growing your own garden, etc.
  • A garden cultivates yourself in virtues like simplicity, patience and respect; it fills us of positive feelings such as gratitude and amazement.
  • Each garden reflects our personality.
Puri Mancebo Lobete

A collection selected in detail by Puri Mancebo Lobete

“If there is one thing I love about gardens, it is seeing how the landscape changes and fills with different shades; not only is every season different, but every moment of the day brings something unique. A garden is full of life; quiet, yet full of sound; peaceful, yet moving; magical, yet simple and natural; The cycle of life captivates: a small seed that, overcoming every possible difficulty, transforms into something big. It’s a wonderful thing! Nature speaks to us of beauty, greatness, patience, gratitude, dedication.”