Time value

"The value of time" is a selection of Rimontgó's urban properties, mansions, estates and villas with an important historical value.

In this selection you will find stately homes in cities such as Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid; mansions located in the historic centre of Spanish cities and European capitals, large estates in residential areas of Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona, with preserved historic details, as well as majestic villas in different European cities such as Paris, Berlin and Vienna.

  • Stately homes and mansions in the historic centre of Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Villas with important historical value in cities such as Paris, Vienna and Berlin.
  • Grand estates with historic elements that have been preserved such as family chapels or cellars.

Historic residences share a number of common characteristics:

  • These are not ordinary houses; the history behind them gives them a distinguishing value.
  • Its owners have respected and preserved this historical value over the years and its new owners have the responsibility to continue this legacy.
  • The future owners feel a special bond and respect for safeguarding the past of these historic residences.
  • The architecture and interior of these residences bestow their special historical value. The necessary renovations have been carried out with respect for this history.
  • These residences have historical elements representing the family past: cellars or private chapels show today the origins of these historic properties.
Cristina Martínez Chamorro

A collection selected in detail by Cristina Martínez Chamorro

“Historic residences represent a past that has been carefully preserved to this day. Their owners have taken pride in this history, a legacy that must continue in the hands of the new residents. This historic value places represent an added responsibility on us.”