Virtual tours

Virtual Tours is Rimontgó's collection of houses with Matterport videos filmed with our own 3D camera.


Some people prefer to visit homes for sale by looking at photographs and using a floor plan. However, more and more people prefer to get to know the houses for sale through high resolution videos.

There are different technologies that can help to understand the particular aspects of each house, among them we find:

  • Videos
  • Live videos
  • 3D glasses
  • Virtual Tours
  • Matterport Videos
  • Photos
  • PDF documents with different technological additions

Requests for live video have to request with Rimontgó’s staff. It is possible to “visit a house remotely” by having a person walk around the house with a camera, at the same time as transmitting the image to the potential buyer of that house. This allows the client to request specific images of parts of the house or ask the Rimontgó agent questions about specific aspects.

Rimontgó’s Matterport videos are recorded with our own camera. Rimontgó is privileged to have been the first real estate company in Europe to have its own Matterport camera.

With the Matterport camera, Rimontgó’s photographers record the best houses for sale and offer clients a viewing experience in which each person decides which rooms to visit and observe the interior and exterior of the houses with maximum detail and resolution.

Francisco Belmonte Ruiz

A collection selected in detail by Francisco Belmonte Ruiz

In this section you can visit the houses that, apart from photographs, have traditional videos, or Matterport videos, where you can also view the house in plan or as if it were a scale model. For live tours or online tours, please contact us. make an appointment with us. We will gladly attend to your request and visit the houses that best suit your preferences.